Farm Day Friday–Cows on the Farm

Farm Day Friday is a fun page where I post pictures of animals, events, activities, and happenings on our farm. This is just a page for me to share pictures, tips, ideas, and fun times with you. Welcome to my Home at Cedar Springs Farm!

We have cows on our farm. We have milk cows, black and white cows, red cows, brown cows, and just plain ole cows!

Cows are large farm animals, and they need a lot of space.

Farm Day Friday Cows On The Farm #lifeonthefarm #cows #fridayfarmday #homeatcedarspringsfarm
Farm Day Friday
Cows on the Farm

Cows will need an abundant water source: ponds, streams, or stock tanks. We have several natural springs on our land as well as a 5-acre pond as a water source for our cows.

Typically, a cow needs at least 2 acres of land so they can be rotated on the different pastures. We have about 85 acres of grazing land and hay fields.

Farm Day Friday Cows on the Farm #farmday #fridayfarmday #lifeonthefarm #homeatcedarspringsfarm #cowsonthefarm
Farm Day Friday
Cows on the Farm

In the winter, they will need hay. Lots of hay. A large cow (1200 pounds) will usually consume around 24 pounds of hay a day. So…. one cow will need about  5 rolls of hay during the winter (November through March). If you live in cold weather climates, your cows will need more since your winter seasons are longer than they are mine. Here in Alabama, we usually start putting hay out in November. I will do a post later on hay cutting and baling.

Raising Cows Can Be Exciting

Raising cows on a farm is fun and exciting–especially if you get the chance to experience the birth of a new calf. They are so cute! Watching them take their first steps on wobbly legs is a sight to see.

But raising cows also comes with a lot of responsibilities. These animals depend on you to supply them with their food and water year-round–even when the temperatures are freezing and you really don’t want to get out of the house. So you can never say, “I’m NOT in the Moooood to care for my cows.”  🙂

Farming is a lot of work but can also be very rewarding.

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  1. Your cows are gorgeous. I wish I lived closer so I could visit them. I’ve always been fascinated by cows from my travels around the world. Every continent has different varieties. I think I fell in love with the cows in Switzerland. They wear large bells around their necks. Anyway, great post!!

  2. Oh my goodness, your cows look so fantastic! I’m a huge cow fanatic and would be right at home walking around and enjoying your farm.

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