Farmhouse Style Pantry Storage

Today, I am sharing with you some of my favorite Farmhouse Style Pantry Storage ideas using jars and baskets. Jars and baskets are two of my favorite items for pantry storage. These items keep your pantry neat, clean, and items easily accessible.

Farmhouse Style Pantry Storage


The clear jars are perfect for pantry storage. You can check your supplies with a quick glance and make a note of anything that needs replacing. Jars are perfect for your flour, sugar, oats, cereal, etc. You can label your jars if you like or just leave them plain.


Baskets are great for storing snack items, bags of chips, pasta, potatoes, cookbooks, etc. They keep everything organized and in its place. You can easily mix and match wire or wicker and large and small baskets to fit your space.

There are so many creative ways to organize a pantry. Look around at flea markets, garage sales, and your favorite stores for inspiration. I just need to get busy and finish my pantry!

Labels are a neat way to organize baskets and jars.

Pantry Organization Labels

I love this pantry. It is so organized and all baskets and jars are labeled.

My Farmhouse Style Pantry Organization Makeover

Another great inspiration pantry using jars and baskets.

Pantry Organization For A Healthy New Year

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