52 Week Money Saving Challenge

I am going to show you several ways to save money throughout the year and create a savings plan you will be proud of by December.

With the new year rolling in, it’s time to start thinking about saving money. Many of us don’t think about a savings plan until we are in need of money–at that very moment.  I know I was guilty of this in the past, but now, I have a savings plan going throughout the year.

Many Americans don’t have a savings account or a “nest egg” set aside, and when unexpected things come their way, it is difficult to come up with the money needed to pay for the expenses.

I usually begin saving money the very first week in January. I know January can be a hard month to start, especially after recovering from Christmas, but it is the best time to start.
By the time December rolls around, you will be so glad you got started early, and you will feel so thankful to have money set aside for Christmas, gift buying, donating to a charity, a dream vacation, or just paying a bill (house insurance or land tax–Ouch!)

The challenges below are designed to help you save money throughout the year without feeling financially stressed. I have tried plans in the past and adapted some of them to work best for me. Also, get your children involved with saving money each week. They can watch their savings grow as well.

How the 52-Week Savings Challenge Works

These challenges are designed to help you save a small amount each week–all year long and to keep you motivated to do so.
Each week, you will deposit money into your savings account. My savings account is an empty coffee can. Just do whatever works best for you.

Some weeks may be difficult for you to save. If that happens, put aside whatever you can. The goal here is to have savings by the end of the year, and any amount you can save is better than having nothing at all. Don’t give up! You can do this!

Having a savings plan can help get you out of a tight, especially when unexpected things come your way–vehicle or house repairs, sickness, or school tuition. No matter what the reason may be, having a little extra money tucked away can help ease the burden.

There are many 52-week challenges on the internet. I have reviewed several of them, and I have tried several of them in the past.

I have put together a round up of several Challenges you might be interested in trying this year. Find one and make it work for you. You will be glad you did!

Save a Nickel a day and end up with over $3339.


Read more about this challenge at Saving Advice.

Save over $1300.

Check out Life As You Live It for more information on this money challenge. You will find printables for different money saving increments.


Save $3000 with this challenge!

This week-by-week challenge will have you saving even more. There is also a free printable with this challenge.


Check out this challenge at He and She Eat Clean.

Save $1378 in 52 Weeks.


There are 2 printables for this challenge..the usual challenge and one in reverse.
via: Morning Motivated Mom

So many options to choose from..


via: A Mitten Full

Plan to save $1404 this year!


via: Household Management 101’s

Save $5000 in 52 Weeks!

Each week, add money and watch your savings grow!

https://i.pinimg.com/474x/46/16/1d/46161d74b63166f858488a93a81bfd26--money-saving-challenge-savings-challenge.jpgHow To Save $5,000 For Your Next Family Vacation

Save $10,000 in 52 Weeks!

This is for the serious saver!


via: Tried and True Mom Jobs

Hopefully, one of these challenges will work for you, and you’ll have nice savings by the end of the year. Don’t give up or get discouraged if you can’t save some weeks; do what you can! Remember, having some savings is better than having none at all!


  1. I love being creative in saving money. When I used to write checks, I would round up the total in my check register to save the change and create a buffer in my account. It’s always fun to build in ways to save.

  2. I have never heard of the nickel a day challenge, it seems so easy! We are working hard on our savings this year and hope to be able to put quite a bit aside. These 52-week challenges are perfect!

  3. O wow this is so interesting you just motivated me to try out one of these maybe I should start with the nickel one, thank you for sharing.

  4. Hi I just really want to start saving up a little money over time.and can’t wait to start doing this.as I’m itching to start doing some thing to make an improvement in our finances and our future.for me and my husband.

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