Winter Clothing Hacks

Winter has finally arrived and it’s time to pull out your sweaters and cozy clothes. I am very cold-natured, so I always try my best to dress warm. You remember your parents and grandparents telling you to dress warmly before going out to play; now, we have to dress warmly before going out to work. ( It was a lot more fun to go out and play than to go and work).

You need to try several hacks this winter to keep you warm and looking amazing.

6 Winter Clothing Hacks #winterclothinghacks #winterhacks #warmandcozy
6 Winter Clothing Hacks


My hands are always cold, so I am a firm believer in wearing gloves or mittens.   I’ve found a charming way for you to use those old sweaters that are just sitting in your closet collecting dust–Mittens! You will only need a few supplies to get started, and you may possibly have these items already on hand. The colors are endless! Now, you can have a pair of Mittens for every outfit.

You can also purchase a pair of mittens if you are not into making them.


I love to put on a warm and cozy hoodie during the winter, but I hate those little pills that seem to multiply after every wash.  A cheap razor will do the trick to remove all of those pills.


Just about every clothing store sells scarves. I am a sucker for a cute scarf, and so is my daughter. I can automatically feel the warmth when I wrap a fuzzy scarf around my neck before heading outside.  Plus, there are so many cute colors and patterns to choose from. You can wear a different scarf daily to match every outfit and be warmer.  If you are looking for tips and tricks on different ways to tie a scarf, then check out this site for some inspiration.


A good pair of wool socks are soft, strong, and naturally moisture-wicking. My feet stay cold during the winter; therefore,  I always have on a pair of socks.  I have about a dozen pairs of wool socks, and I wear a pair every day during the winter. I am serious!  A good pair of socks will bring you comfort on some of the coldest days of winter.

STOPPING Static Cling

Sweaters and hoodies are popular in the winter, and so is the not-so-popular static cling. Static cling is common in clothing during the winter. It can be very annoying to have a sweater or dress stick to you or your tights, especially when you are heading out the door.

Here are a few ideas to stop static:

*spray a fine mist of aerosol hairspray over your clothing

*hang clothes to dry instead of putting them in the dryer

*use wool dryer balls

**Check out these tips on how to get rid of static cling naturally**

Get Rid Of Static Cling Naturally With This Simple Trick



I know you think leg warmers were hot in the ’80s, but not now. Well….they are! You can even make your own leg warmers to wear with your leggings and boots. Just cut the arms off of a sweater, hem the cut edge, and wear it! Yes, it’s that easy. These will look cute with a pair of boots or even to wear over your yoga pants.

I like wintertime; I just don’t like to get cold.  I hope you find these hacks helpful, and they help keep you warm and cozy so you may have a more enjoyable winter.


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