Speed Clean Your House in 30 Minutes

We have all gotten that phone call from a friend or family member telling us they want to come over for a quick visit. As soon as you hang up the phone, panic sets in when you turn and look at your house. It’s total chaos!

You start to think, where do I begin, and what should I do first? Dishes are piled in the sink, towels need to be folded, toys are everywhere (dog toys for me), floors need to be vacuumed, and the toilet needs a good cleaning.

Take a deep breath! You’ve got this! Deep cleaning is not an option at this moment. But, you can speed clean your house in 30 minutes and be ready for your company when they arrive.

I’ve made you a printable to keep on your refrigerator for easy reference. These are some tips and tricks for speed cleaning your house when guest are on their way.

Ready. Let’s get your speed clean on!

Speed Clean Your House with text overlay.
Speed Clean Your House

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Freshen The Scent In Your House

Freshen your house quickly by changing the scent. Spray an air freshener, use a wax warmer or light a candle, sprinkle carpet fresh on the carpet and rugs, and spray fabric freshener on the couch and pillows.

Focus on the Main Living Spaces

Run around and pick up the main rooms that are visible to your guests. Grab an empty laundry basket and put everything out of place in the basket. You can sort through this basket after your guests leave. Stash the basket in a private room. Throw trash away, put dishes in the sink-we will get to these in a minute. If time allows, run the vacuum over the floor.

Clean the Bathroom

Go to the closest bathroom–the one guests use– and do a surface cleaning. Spray down the sink, countertop, and fixtures. Wipe Clean. Spray the mirror and wipe clean. Put some toilet cleaner in the toilet, give it a quick scrub, and wipe off the seat. Flush. Check the toilet paper and hang a fresh towel.


Surface clean first. Load all dirty dishes into the dishwasher. Wash out the sink. Wipe down the countertops, table, and stovetop. Sweep. Put out fresh dish towels.


Quickly vacuum the floor in the main traffic rooms. I use my vacuum on carpet and hardwood floors. If the main entryway, hall, kitchen, and bathroom are fine, then skip this step. Remember, you are just getting the visible dirt off of the floor.

Take out the Trash

Take the trash from the kitchen and bathroom out. Place in an outside container.

Speed Clean Your House with text overlay.
Speed Clean Your House When Company Is On The Way


This is the last step. Run through the house and check every room. Straighten pillows, couch cushions, and throw rugs. Push up chairs, fold blankets, and stash laundry and toys.

If you still have time

If time allows–dust. Hit the most visible spots. Look for cobwebs and get them. Wipe down kitchen appliances.

You should be able to tackle all of this in 30 minutes. It can be a little stressful when you are rushed to get everything done. Enlist the help of your family. Children can pick up toys, carry them to their room, and put them away in a somewhat organized manner.

Most of all—your guests are coming to see you and not your house. Usually, you will see dirt and dust, and your guests will only be focusing on you and your family and enjoying their visit.

Speed clean at least once a week to keep your house in order. This does not replace deep cleaning but is fine for once a week. Try to beat your time each week by a few minutes. Make it a challenge.

Work on getting a weekly cleaning routine in order. Keep up with the laundry daily, load and unload the dishwasher during the week as needed, and vacuum once a week. These things will help keep your house in order, and when the unexpected company calls or just shows up on your doorstep, you will be ready for them.

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Grab this Speed Cleaning Checklist to keep on hand for when your company is coming and you need to get your clean on!

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  1. I think I do these things all day long, juuuuuuust in case someone stops by (and because I’m a neat freak)! But I often overlook replacing the dish towels in the kitchen and hand towels in the bath. I need to remember those too – great ideas!

  2. This is a great list of To Dos and I’m so glad you have the printable too! I always seem to forget something like the bathrooms or taking out the trash. The printable will help me not waste time trying to figure out what else I have to do so I can get it all done before company arrives.

  3. This is encouraging, as it shows that with the right plan, a lot can be accomplished in a short time. It is important to stay on top of cleaning, as it becomes less overwhelming. Thank you for the ideas and the printable.

  4. This is a great post! You’ve covered all the main tasks that really should be done to keep a home well maintained and functioning. I like to do half my speed cleaning in the morning then finish it right before I go pick my kids up from school.

  5. YESS this is great! I actually need to speed clean after work today before my in-laws come over. I love how you listed all of the main tasks for a good, clean home. Thanks for sharing!

  6. This is super helpful. With two kids, I feel like I’m cleaning all day long LOL. But following this list will make it a little easier to get my house in order when someone’s coming over.

  7. Good post! I typically like to keep my home tidy so that it’s not overwhelming when I need to have guests over. Plus, a clean home makes me feel more at east!

  8. Thank you for these great speed cleaning tips! Another tip I read once was to focus on tidying the entry way to your home. It makes the first impression on your guest and sets the tone for how they perceive the rest of your house!

  9. I would panic if someone called out of the blue to say they’ll drop by soon and yes it would definitely be time to do speed cleaning. 😂Great tip to do speed cleaning once a week and to try to beat your cleaning time each time just in case anyone pops by. 🙂

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